Research Interests:

While there is so much in math that is interesting and engaging, time is merely an illusion that I have yet to see past. Since I cannot find enough time to work in every area, I will have to focus on just a few.

My research interests are primarily in Potential Theory, Discrepancy Theory, and Approximation Theory, although I am also interested in Additive Combinatorics, Convex Geometry, and in general Harmonic Analysis.

I have also worked on several projects in Graph Theory in my undergraduate and early graduate career, and have some interest in the subject.

Some of my current projects include:

  • Developing potential theory for kernels with more than two inputs.
  • Developing a better understanding of repulsive-attractive potential, and minimizers of their energies, with a particular focus on p-frame energies.
  • Determining analogues of the Stolarsky Invariance Principle and their applications.

Publications (Submitted, Accepted, Published):